Thursday, October 16, 2008

From our Archives Photos By Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton sent us some amazing photos today for the New Image Art Book.
Here are a few... Maybe you were there...
It was a few summers ago 4 or 5 years ago- a very hot summer's eve ... at  our old store front  on Fairfax. Thomas Campbell curated a show of surfer- artists titled " Donkeys on Airplane Wings" 
The cops tried to shut it down. You would have thought it was the LA Riots, there were so many cop cars 
in front of the gallery. I hid in the back till the very end...  
The bands played on - Ozzie Wright's  "The Goons of Doom" and Alex Knost's band "The Japanese Motors" 
on the roof  of Emuse's-the Gothic Dolphin's white van that was unregistered.
Somehow how The Gothic one talked himself out of a ticket for a stolen registration sticker  and no drivers license.  It was just a very good night all around.

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