Friday, October 17, 2008

Coming up: Dear & Yonder

October 25th from 6 to 10pm:On October 25th New Image Art is hosting a benefit for the upcoming surf film
Dear & Yonder. Tiffany Campbell and Andria Lessler have been working on the film for over a year to authentically document women who inspire both in and out of the water. This benefit has been organized to raise funds for the remaining production costs of the film, which will help keep it on track for a Summer 2009 release. The filmmakers’ community has been integral to realizing the film, and is furthering its gracious support by donating artwork for the benefit. This dynamic group of talent includes Clare Rojas, Thomas Campbell, Alex Kopps, Barry McGee, Spencer Tunik, Lori d., Andy Davis, Jo Jackson, Laura Flippen, Evan Hecox, Stefan Simikich, Johanna St. Clair, Amy Jo Diaz, Jeff Canham, Kyle Field, Erin Kunkel, Jay Nelson, Josh Lazcano, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Nathaniel Russel, Moses Berkson, Tiffany Campbell, Deanna Templeton, Chris Duncan, Liz Pepin, Rachel Kaye, Mason St. Peter, Nikki McClure, Rich Jacobs, Ed Templeton and more.The exhibition space has been offered by Marsea Goldberg who is an avid surfer with 15 years of commitment to showing up and coming female artists, making New Image Art a perfect fit.

A little more about the film: The story behind the title is that some of the women featured in the film will be surfing their beloved home breaks (the Dear), such as bodysurfer Judith Sheridan who slides down the faces of San Francisco's formidable waves and Ashley Lloyd of Santa Cruz a surfer/shaper who seeks out ecologically sustainable materials available in order to perfect her craft. Other women in the film venture well beyond the comfort of their home breaks to the far reaches of the earth (the Yonder), such as Liz Clark who is single handedly sailing around the world in search of waves and new shores. Explosive top professionals, Sofia Mulanovich, Stephanie Gilmore, Silvana Lima, Coco Ho and others travel to Indonesia and showcase their skills on some of the best waves on earth. These women show how far women's surfing has come, but in order to find out from where, the film journeys back in time to uncover the rich history of women's surfing with icons Linda Benson, Rell Sunn, and Lisa Anderson. Dear & Yonder is further enhanced by an insightful animation by artist Lori d. and a skateboarding segment to check in on some serious land shredders. This is but a glimpse into the movie's cast that we have assembled for their skills in the water and their inspiring way of relating to world, each other and themselves.

We are excited to share Dear & Yonder with you and are honored by the support of these remarkable artists that mirror the talent of the women who are featured in the film. Please join us on Saturday October 25th from 6-10 at New Image Art to support this groundbreaking project.

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